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Keys to Modern Marketing Strategies: Debt Buying & Equipment Finance

"When looking to develop brand awareness I believe the first and most important step is having a clear identity. Your company should have an identity outside of the product or service you are offering. To determine this, ask yourself: Who are you outside of (insert product/ service here)? If you are a finance company, you are competing with hundreds of other finance companies, so ask: What makes you different? Why should someone choose to do business with you? Often, the answer to why they chose to do business with you and not someone else is because they were able to connect with you. Marketing and sales today are less about “selling” a product and more about a relationship. Consumers want to know the “who” behind the company, they want to see what’s going on behind the scenes and the people behind the company".

Kirsten Hawkins SCJ Commercial Financial Services

Kirsten Hawkins, SCJ Commercial Financial Services

Director of Marketing

Interested in discovering more Marketing insight? You can read all of Kirsten's answers here:

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(Kirsten's article can be found beginning on page 26 of NEFA's September/October 2023 newsletter.)

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Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
Apr 27

Overall, a comprehensive and informative read for anyone involved in marketing within the finance industry. For more such reads:

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