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Consumer Education

As an RMAi Certified Company, we understand the importance of education and transparency. We encourage all consumers to know and understand their rights. To learn more about your rights as a consumer please visit the RMAi Consumer Education page linked below: 

File A Complaint

If you feel your Consumer Rights have been violated in any way, a complaint can be filed with our in-house general counsel in one of the following ways:

By Email

By Mail

Please send mail to:

SCJ, In-House Counsel

17507 S DuPont HWY STE 2

Harrington, DE 19952

By Phone

Please call:


Chief Compliance Officer

Marian Crawford

Certified by The Receivables Management Association International

Certification Number: P2306-1531

17507 S DuPont HWY, STE 2

Harrington, DE 19952

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