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"We don't want to sell to you, we want to do business with you"

- Mike Hammon, President 

Who We Are

Everyone comes from somewhere- SCJ came from the Automotive Industry.

Our president spent years in the subprime auto industry and established a set of values for how people should be treated, regardless of their account status.

These values later became the foundation of SCJ. 

Looking around at the Debt Buying and Collections Industry, we saw an opportunity to be a breath of fresh air in an industry that has a negative reputation. SCJ saw what the industry was lacking- compassion, transparency, and the ability to listen. We wanted to change that.

We strive to be different. We want you to succeed and we are here to help. 

At SCJ, we've been doing things a little differently since 2019.

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We strive to defy the stereotypes associated with "Bad Debt". We believe debt collection doesn't need to be a negative experience. We provide companies the opportunity to get immediate capital for delinquent accounts and continue to protect their brand. We are an ethical solution for your delinquent accounts.  


It's not about a sale, it's about a relationship. We want to build a system of trust and transparency that will allow you to continue to make the most of your portfolio even after the customers stop paying. We want to see you grow, we want to help you succeed. We take care of the delinquent accounts so you can focus on generating new business. 

Cheerful Business Meeting
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